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Migration to SharePoint Online is often a complex and labour-intensive project. It is often not enough to simply move all the data to the cloud and then hope that everything will now be better.

With our solution, you inventory, categorise and plan a successful migration to SharePoint Online.

Having a governance tool for Microsoft 365 can help you manage your organization's collaboration, security, and compliance needs.

Rencore Governance helps to define and enforce best practise for Microsoft 365 environment and reduces costs and risk of data breaches, loss, or misuse by implementing appropriate controls and protections.



As an administrator of Microsoft 365, you need to stay on top of the latest updates and features that affect your organization. That's why our service is designed to help you get informed about important changes and news in Microsoft 365 for administrators. With our service, you can receive timely notifications, access detailed documentation, and customize your preferences to suit your needs.